About Me

RunwayDaze is written by a fashion designer who writes under the pen name
Under Cover Fashion Lover.

I am a Chicago girl, who recently moved to New York City
Flying by the seat of my pants is the best way to describe my life, I never seem to know what I am doing but I always manage to figure it out! It is way more fun this way!

I love to blog about fashion and style, and life off the Runway

I love experiencing new things, meeting new friends, going to new places and blogging about all my adventures!

To contact Jenny of RunwayDaze you can email her at runwaydaze@gmail.com

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  1. Love the blog my love! How is NEW YORK...so proud of you and jealous ;) Ill have to make a trip out soon to see you! xo hope you're doing well and I will definitely be following you!

    1. NYC is great JMarie! I love it here but will always miss my dear Chicago! Come visit us soon! We love visitors! :)